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About Us

God -Made
Madam Millionaire


It literally came to me in a dream. Entrepreneurship. While working third shift as a caregiver. Seemed like I was born to struggle. The life of a certified nursing assistant was hard. I worked my fingers and back to the bone for pennies. Most pay days with barely enough to make ends meet.
My name is Tracey Lavonda Thompson, making Beautiful Bling Wear is my passion. It hasn’t always been easy, but no matter what I refused to give up the fight. Fashion is beauty. Fashion exhibits our emotions. Fashion is a piece of our heritage. Fashion tells us who we are, where we are going and where we’ve been.
Believe me when I say, BLING... saved & changed my life. Getting glammed up has given me greater confidence. Confidence is power. You can’t imagine what it’s like to lose it. And for years I had lost mines. After a while I guess I just lost hope. —forgetting how to dream.
That’s when the weight started piling on. I was at my heaviest 230lbs. I was devastated, depressed and I didn’t know what I was gonna do. When Madam C J Walker said “God didn’t like ugly, why did He make me? It’s so much beauty in this world, how come I got so little? “ I knew those feelings all to well.
And then... EVERYTHING changed. I had an opportunity of a life time. I started manufacturing bling tees. We began to produce “ I believe In Miracles “ bling tees. The wind and favor of God was blowing and within 6 months sales hit over 1 million dollars. We prayed over (still do) every order as we pressed, processed and shipped them.
Miracles were breaking out all over the WORLD 🌎. The results of the miracle tees was evident the anointing was stored in the fabric & God was with Us! Being a highly sought after Bling Specialist has had such a great impact on my life. BUT it has been more than just about selling a product. God gave me a family. I have connected with some AWEmazing BattleSisters.
Most importantly, I’ve learned over the past three years how to do the work of Praying and Fasting. The fruit of my life is proof that prayer + fasting = BREAKTHROUGH. With incorporating fasting as a lifestyle, the weight came off and my confidence begin to skyrocket.
When a customer looks at my life, they’ll know they are seeing what prayer, fasting, and our beautiful blessed products can do. I know this is my calling. I desire to help other women through faith and fashion, because it has help lift me out of depression, low self esteem and poverty. AND that’s why I’m STILL here. Giving up is not an option. It worked for me and it’ll work for you!
I understand you may still be in obscurity but dress like you are FREE!! Dress for where you are going not for where you currently are. You have to show up everyday, READY! Why not show up Glammed In WORD of God? Trust me, you have to see yourself out of bondage. Get glammed up like you are going somewhere because you are! With a sense of surety; know that we are heading to the land of promise, where it’s flowing with milk and honey.
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In His Will,
Madam Millionaire
Tracey Thompson CEO